The Falsely Accused: A New Type Of Victim In Public Culture

We’re seeing the rise of a new type of victim in public culture… a type of victim who has been both ignored and denied, particularly by progressive liberals:  the falsely accused.

In this excellent article from Barrister Magazine, Barbara Hewson says, “It’s time for a much more rigorous and open discussion about why some people  – whom we should call “pseudo-victims” – make false allegations… In my opinion, far too little attention has been paid to the lure of the victim narrative, and the rewards of victimhood (for those who are competent).  These rewards can include the sympathy and attention which those proclaiming to be victims can expect, and the seduction of the ‘truthful lie’, both for it’s narrator and it’s audience. Those who confabulate about their past experience so as to come to terms with it may be expressing an emotional truth, (such as a perception of a violation of the self), but an actual lie.”

Hewson speaks to a list of 12 factors that give rise to false complaints, including mental health disorders such as borderline personality disorder as well as other more base motives rooted in malice and psychological and social rewards that are accrued by false complaints, particularly in high profile stories.

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Marc Gafni

Visionary Thinker, Social Activist, Passionate Philosopher, and Author of ten books, including the award-winning Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment.