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The Revival of Public Shaming

By Marc Gafni & Lisa Engles / 3 years ago

Recommended Book: So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed Public shaming has been a means of punishing people– whether for breaking the law or violating social contract– for hundreds of years.  It fell out of common use in the 20th century, because the practice was considered ‘cruel and unusual punishment’, which is outlawed in the United States […]


5 Challenges Of Todays Social Media: Wael Ghonim’s TED Talk

By Lisa Engles / 3 years ago

Social media platforms started hitting their stride on the Internet just over 10 years ago with the emergence of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  The original intent of these networks was simple: to connect people.  However, it’s clear that there are big challenges facing todays social media… In 2010, Internet Activist Wael Ghonim anonymously created a Facebook […]


Does The Truth Matter Anymore? How Post Truth Is Shaping Our World

By Marc Gafni / 3 years ago

Does the truth even matter anymore? It’s a question that millions of people across the globe are asking as they sit in the wake of a 2016, that somehow, blindsided them. Brexit showed the world that the “impossible” is possible– that despite what seemed to be a easy win for the remain campaign, on June […]